In Menorca, specifically in Sant Lluís is my atelier; space of creation and sale, where you will find me working in my future collections.

Here my jewels are born with Mediterranean essence, in a space where you will enjoy a personalized treatment when choosing your jewel and where you will find pieces out of collection. The space is designed with the collaboration of other artists from the island, customizing each corner with wood, iron and glass, wrapped in the characteristic blue of the brand to create an exclusive environment.

You will be able to approach craftsmanship and creative work, participating in a unique shopping experience. A store that means more than just a place to buy.

If you are in Menorca, visit me!

Jewerly with soul

C/ de Sant Lluís, 101
07710 Sant Lluís, Menorca

I was born and live in the Mediterranean, and it is the origin of my creative inspiration. An inspiration that smells like pine and salt. Also, living in Menorca, this small island of scarcely 50 km, it is inevitable to have constant contact with the sea and with nature, and I want to transmit it in my creative work.

I want to get closer to the Mediterranean and merge its essence in my jewels

When creating, I always keep in mind that the jewels enhance the person who wears them: they accompany you and make you shine but the protagonist is you. Designs that do not forget comfort and do without unnecessary details, leaving only the essentials.

The purity of detail, where less is more, simple pieces that can be worn on a day-to-day basis, timeless, delicate and simple expressions. All this through the artisan process, conserving the magic of a trade.

Jewelry in silver or gold plated, designed and manufactured during the calm winters of Menorca, perfect moment to capture the beauty of the surroundings and with the philosophy, of course, of wanting to share it with you.