Advices to care your jewelry

If you want those jewels that you like so much, they last a long time you should take care of them.

Try not to sleep, or shower, or swim in the sea with them, nothing happens if you do it once, but continuous use will make them deteriorate more easily.

It is advisable to avoid excess sun or chlorine from swimming pools, especially with gold-coated pieces as it will affect its shine and its durability.

Do not use any type of abrasive product to clean them, you could grate the pieces or even remove the gold bath and permanently disfigure your jewelry.

The creams, perfumes and pH of the skin of each person influences the conservation of the jewels and can make them lose luster or even appear stains.

In case your jewelry has lost its shine or has deteriorated over time I can make some arrangements, contact me to get a quote.